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Stripe Refund Guide

Waitry allowes you to manage your money freely. If a user demands a refund due to a failed order, the refund must be done through Stripe. For this situation, the following points of said payment system are taken into consideration:

How do I get my money back?

Once Stripe has sent you an email saying a refund has been made, click the link that will take you to that charge in Stripe and upload whatever evidence you may have that proves the charge is legit. Stripe will deliver that information to the credit card company, and after an evaluation of the case, the credit card company will choose to make the refund or reject it (including the refund fee). We recommend giving at least the following evidence, but in this case your chances of winning the dispute will increase by sending as much evidence as possible.

In your Stripe account, click on “payments” in the left side menu and then on “disputes.” This is where you will find all disputes and see their status (won, lost, under review, or needs a response).
Click on one of the disputes to open it and then click “**submit evidence**” at the top of the page
In the “I provided the customer” section select “**digital products**“.
Fill in the fields for the product description (clarifying that the tickets are shipped immediately once the order is completed), the customer’s name, and the customer’s email. As a receipt, upload a PDF of this buyers order, which includes your event tickets and receipt.
Contact the customer to inform what the charge was for on their account statement and request that they contact their bank to withdraw the dispute. When you receive a response from the customer, save that conversation as a PDF and upload it to the customer communication section as evidence. This is perhaps the most important evidence you can provide, as it links the email address on the ticket to the customer and is strong evidence against the credit card fraud claim.
Once you have entered all your evidence, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “**save for later**” if you plan to go back and provide more evidence, or “**submit evidence now**” if you’re fine with the evidence provided. Please note that once the proof is submitted, you will not have the opportunity to provide more details. Make sure to submit your evidence before the stated deadline.

Updated on: 10/04/2023

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