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Orders Management

In this article we will learn how to manage orders

Order views

In Waitry, the best way to manage orders is to access the orders tab in the side menu.

When we access this tab, we will see all the services provided by our store and the orders, as we receive them, will be displayed in the corresponding service.

For example, this is the view of a salon within our store in the orders tab.

We can see that at the top of the view we have all the services. In this case, we see that there is a new order in one of the tables of our salon and it is what we are going to analyze next.

This is how an order is going to appear inside the place, in one of our tables and as you can see, we have 4 different actions inside the same one:

Order information
Cancel the order .
Send a notification to the user in real time
Advance the order to the next step. (A real-time notification is sent to the user that their order has changed status. These notifications and steps can be configured in the venue services).

The same is true for Take Away and Delivery orders, but the service view looks different:

Let's see the different order schedules in a time grid. Remember that you can configure orders for other days if you wish.


Waitry keeps track of all the orders we receive, to access the order history please visit the following article.

Order History

Waitry also offers the innovative solution of the digital commander, which allows us to reduce maintenance costs, generate a more dynamic flow of orders and apply customizable filters for the sector of the kitchen that we consider.


Updated on: 10/04/2023

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