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How to register an order as "Paid" ?

Here we will see the way in which we can register as "PAYMENT" an order. It's very easy, let's start!

If your way of working is only by credit card, then the order will be shown as "paid" automatically once the order is confirmed, having previously configured the means of payment.
If your way of working also consists of the CASH payment method, we can register the order as "paid" with the following steps:

This way, an order that is NOT paid will appear in the order:

For this to be "YES " we must go to the configuration wheel next to the name of the store and select the option "Points of sale " in the upper right corner:

There we will add a point of sale and fill in the information requested:

Once we add our point of sale, the following information should be visible:

OK, we have completed the points of sale, now we have to assign it to the service:

In the section of SERVICES we will select the button of "points of sale" and we will activate the point of sale that we want:

Once you have finished configuring these steps, you will have to ask us through the support chat to activate the payment methods in your store.
After you have set up the payment methods, you must log out and log in again.

You will enter the order, which you must register the payment, and you will select the symbol pesos ($) that appears above the order:

Here we will choose the point of sale (CASH) and the type of payment:

You are done! You have your payment registered.

Updated on: 27/02/2023

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