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How to recommend related products?

1 - In the side menu go to Products. There select the product you want to associate the recommendation to. Scroll down the options and click on "Edit".

2 - In the general product screen, go to the tab Recommended and select a product to recommend.
Remember that the recommended product must have an image in order to be applied correctly !

3 - Perfect, now you can check in the app how it looks like:

You're done! This way you can start proposing, different recommendations 😀.

You can also configure recommendations to be displayed at checkout, when the customer confirms the order. let's get started! 🚀

1 - Within the side menu access Marketing > Promotions and select the "Up Selling" option.

2 - Once in this option, in the search engine, select the product you want to recommend. Determine a date "From " and "To " and click on SAVE.

3 - Once you have configured the recommended products, you can check how they are displayed in the app.

You're done! You now know how to recommend your products so that your customers can visualize and choose the one they like 😍

Updated on: 09/03/2023

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