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How to set the modifiers /variations of your products

Once your menu has been uploaded to Waitry, go to the VARIATIONS tab on the top right.

Add the variations of each product. Depending on the variation, you may choose:

Variation type: IE: “Taste” = cooking point of the meat, “Add-ons” = food extras, “Size”= small, medium, large, etc.
Position: the order in which the add on will show in relation to other items/add-ons.
Description: Product description (optional)
Text: Filling up this blank, whenever a client finishes selecting variation, this text will show up. IE: “Would you like to add something else to your order?”

After all the variation types have been loaded, go to the variation type you want to keep filling in, go to the “+” button on the right of the panel that will show up:

Another window will pop up

Keep in mind: If the variations are loaded to the menu first, make sure you press “use product as a variation”. Then find the variation we want to add. We recommend adding all the possible variations and then select them independently for each product.

Go back to the PRODUCTS tab to finish entering the products variations.

PRODUCTS – CATEGORY – SUBCATEGORY – PRODUCTS: next to each product we’ll find a circle with options (3 horizontal lines). Different product options will be displayed there. Select the “Variation” option. A new window will open, where we’ll be able to see all the previously loaded variations.

The variations and price will vary depending on what the order contains.

When finished loading all the variations, click save and the variations will show.

Updated on: 10/04/2023

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