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How to upload products images?

Show the variety of your Digital Menu and increase your sales with the best photos! 📸


Both categories, subcategories and products allow you to upload two images. One in circular form (which can be the logo of your store, for example) and another rectangular (banner). It is important to upload the banner as a priority, since it will be the image that will show your product in the largest size.

*Logo - Products
Enter in the side menu to PRODUCTS .
Select the product you want to edit.
Display the options of the product.
Click on the EDIT IMAGES icon.

Banner - Products
In LOAD PROFILE IMAGE a window will open to upload the image you want from your computer / mobile.
When you select it, it will allow you to crop it.
Then click on the SAVE button.
The same steps must be followed to upload the BANNER image (second tab). The crop will be rectangular instead of circular.


At Waitry we also give you the opportunity to upload an animated GIF of your product 🤩.

In the same way that we upload a profile picture, you can also upload a GIF. The maximum size is one MB. Take advantage of it and give movement to that product to make it stand out!

IMPORTANT:⚠️ GIFs are only allowed in products, not in categories or subcategories.


For a better cropping of the images at the time of loading, it is advisable to have the LOGO images (circular) in square format. And the BANNER images in rectangular format (aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9). This will facilitate the selection of the crop. The best definition per pixel is 1280px x 720px, so the image will show much more detail.

For an even better experience, we recommend this guide to the different recommended image sizes:

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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