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How to sync products with my POS or TPV

POS/POS integration: How do I synchronize in Waitry the modifications to my products?

If you have a POS system integrated with Waitry and you want to make any changes to your products (either price changes, adding products, etc.) we will explain in this guide what you need to consider to apply these changes. Follow these steps and always keep your digital menu up to date!

If you don't have the integration done yet 🤔 you can check here and look for the guide corresponding to the management system you use in your store.

First of all, these changes should always be updated in a first instance in your management system. Then Waitry will replicate that information so that your customer can see it updated in your Digital Menu. Once you have made the modification in your external system, you will need to log in to Waitry and go to PRODUCTS > SYNC PRODUCTS.

Important: If what you want to update, are variations, photos or descriptions, these functionalities, being Waitry's own, are changed in our platform.

In this way, you will be able to bring all the new information. Please note before doing so, enter the configuration icon ⚙️ from PLACES or at the top right of your screen and access CONNECT POS (Select your management system) and uncheck the options SYNC STRUCTURE WITH YOUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and UPDATE NAMES AND DESCRIPTIONS. These active options are recommended to be used only the first time, to export the Complete Menu.

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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