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How do I configure combos and combinated dishes?

Create combos of your best products! You can indicate a differential price and offer your customers the combinations you want 😎

Take advantage of this feature to sell more and make your menu look more attractive.
To create combos, you must go to PRODUCTS in the side menu and create a new product that has the combo function in your digital menu. Then you will be able to add in it, the different products you want to include. Let's get started:

Once you have created the product that will be a combo, in its corresponding category and subcategory, you must click on EDIT ✏️.

There you will have to enter the COMBO tab.

Click on the option THIS PRODUCT IS A COMBO and then NEW SUBCATEGORY.
You will be able to indicate a name to the combo and in the option NEW PRODUCT search in your menu, the products that you want to include and add them.

Once you have loaded all the products, do not forget to click on SAVE 😉.

We show you how it will be displayed in your digital menu:

And this is how it will look like when you confirm the order in the app/web and in your order panel, inside the order detail:

IMPORTANT:⚠️ The price will be the one you include in the GENERAL tab of the product you created as a combo.

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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