Waitry allowes you to link your Waitry account to your Hosteltáctil TPV, so that your work can be automatized , in order to take full advantage of digitalizing your service.

With this integration you can:

🍽 Import your floor and tables from Hosteltáctil to Waitry
🥘 Import your products from Hosteltáctil to Waitry
🥯 Send all Delivery and Takeaway orders placed in Waitry to Hosteltáctil.
👉 Send all the orders placed in Waitry from table to Hosteltáctil


Hire the right Waitry plan. #

Integration with POS systems is a premium feature in Waitry, with a very low cost and a very high return, since you will be able to automate much of your work. We highly recommend that you check out the current plans at https://waitry.net/es/prices/ to make sure you have the right plan. You can request a change of plan at any time through the platform’s internal chat or at support@waitry.net.

Request integration to Hosteltáctil #

You must request the integration to your Hosteltáctil distributor, since the headquarters must configure your POS to be able to work with Waitry. We recommend contacting Hosteltáctil: https://www.hosteltactil.com/es/contacta/

(Optional) Remove tables and products from Waitry #

or this they must have an internal identifier that is obtained through product synchronization. If you already created products in Waitry before synchronizing, they will be disconnected from Hosteltáctil. The same will happen with the tables. We recommend you delete layouts and products in Waitry before starting, or you can request that after synchronizing we reconnect them manually so that you do not lose your work.

(Optional) Request the account setup from Waitry #

We can take care of everything and deliver the platform 100% synchronized and ready to use. For this we recommend checking our current prices and features included in the account setup. If you wish, you can do it 100% autonomously by following the next steps.

Step by step configuration.

**Step 1:** #

To enable Hosteltáctil in Waitry, go to the venue configuration (there are shortcuts on the homepage) and then go to Venue Setup.

Step 2: #

Once in this window, select the integration option at the top right.

Step 3: #

From the integration window, select Hosteltáctil, enable it and use your Hosteltáctil ID to synchronize the plans and products, and that’s it! After a few seconds, Waitry will be correctly synchronized.


Once the integration has been done, if you want to add products or modifications to the plans in Hosteltáctil, in order to add them to Waitry you must re-synchronize with the boxes “Synchronize structure as in your system” and “Update names and descriptions” disabled . Otherwise, all the modifications made to our layouts and products will be overwritten and they will return to their initial state.

New products should no longer be created in Waitry, since they will be out of sync and will not be sent to Hosteltáctil.

Synchronization #

In order to synchronize Hosteltáctil products in Waitry go to “Products” and then press “Synchronize Products”:

In order to synchronize plans and tables, go to Venues, Settings and press “Synchronize Venue”:

Receive Waitry orders at Hosteltáctil #

After enabling Waitry service, all orders will automatically enter your Hosteltáctil POS, without the need to enter them manually.
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