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Agora Integration

With Waitry you can connect your Waitry account with your Agora POS, so you can automate your work and take even more advantage of the benefits of digitizing the service in your restaurant.

With this integration you will be able to:

🍽 Import your Agora floor plans and tables to Waitry.
🥘 Import your products from Ágora to Waitry.
🥯 Send to Ágora the Take Away and Delivery orders placed in Waitry
👉 Send orders placed with Waitry from the table to Ágora (only import for registration in Ágora)


Have the right plan in Waitry

The integration with POS systems is a premium feature in Waitry, with a very low cost and a very high return, since you will be able to automate much of your work. We recommend you to check the current plans at to make sure you have the right plan. You can request a change of plan at any time through the platform's internal chat or at

Request integration to Agora

You will have to request the integration to your Ágora distributor, since from the head office they must configure your POS to be able to work with Waitry. We recommend you to contact Agora:

(Optional) Remove tables and products from Waitry

The integration must connect your Waitry products with Agora products so that orders can be shipped, for this they must have an internal identifier that is obtained by synchronizing products. If you have already created products in Waitry before synchronizing, they will be disconnected from Agora. The same will happen with the tables. We recommend you to delete plans and products in Waitry before starting, or you can ask us to reconnect them manually after synchronizing so you don't lose your work.

(Optional) Request account setup from Waitry

We can take care of everything and deliver you the platform 100% synchronized and configured to use. For this we recommend you to see our current prices and features included in the account setup. If you wish you can do it 100% autonomously by following the next steps.

IMPORTANT NOTE: table pedios can be integrated into AGORA only as an import. At the moment, Agora does not display imported orders on screen. The order will be printed and registered to the table, but visually it will not show that the table is open. You can still use Waitry with table orders taking into account this limitation of your POS.

Step by step configuration

Enable Agora integration

Get token

(The following information can be found in a public Agora document)** (The following information can be found in a public Agora document)**.

To register with Agora and link it to Waitry you will need to activate your license.

Agora integration services allow you to transfer information between Agora and other applications, such as ERP or accounting software. In order to use these services you will need to activate a license for the "Integration Services Module" from the Help -> Activate Module License option in the Agora Monitor:_

Then, you will have to activate the integration services module from the option Tools->Activate Additional Modules:_ [!

After activating the integration services module, you will be able to use the Agora Integration Services integration tool to import and export data.

You will be provided with an API token that you will need to place in the Agora tab in Waitry in step 3.

Agora connection URL

The Agora integration service does not expose to the internet alone, as this is a limitation of Agora. You can ask your reseller to expose the service using a permanent url through some dynamic DNS service or use a fixed IP if you already have it with your internet provider. If your distributor does not offer this service, from Wiatry we can install a service to expose Ágora to the internet and thus be integrated with Waitry and other applications. Contact our support if you need the Waitry integration service.

Create WA Order Series

Finally, you will need to create a new order SERIES in Agora. This series must be named WA and must not be in use in order to receive orders.

Other data

If your POS ID is other than 1, please notify Waitry to set up the number you have in your Agora system.
Also, you can create a payment method to identify payments that are made by Waitry, so you can then better reconcile and identify payments in your accounts. Write down the ID of the payment method to use to set up later in step 3.

Step 1:

To enable Agora in Waitry, we must go to the local configuration (We can enter from the shortcuts on startup) and then go to Configure Local.

Configuration options

Step 2:

Once in this window, we must select Connect POS button at the top right.

Connect POS button

Step 3:

Once in the integration window, select Agora, enable it and with our API token and Agora URL we can synchronize the plans and products and that's it! After a few seconds, we will have Waitry synchronized correctly.

Agora Integration options


Once the integration is done, in the case of adding products or modifications to the plans in Agora, to add them to Waitry we must re-synchronize with the boxes "Synchronize structure as in your system" and "Update names and descriptions" disabled. Otherwise, all the modifications we have made to our plans and products will be overwritten and will return to their initial state.

Likewise, new products should no longer be created in Waitry, since they will be out of synchronization and will not be sent to Agora.


To synchronize Agora products in Waitry go to "Products" and then press "Sync Products":

Sync Products

To synchronize floor plans and tables, go to Premises, Configuration and press "Sync Places":

Sync Places

Receive orders from Waitry in Ágora

Once the Waitry service is enabled, all orders will automatically enter your Ágora POS, no need to enter them manually.

- If you add a product in Agora and it does not sync in Waitry, you will need to place the product code in the external system to that item. Check that all the products are with their codes so Waitry can take it

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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