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Step 1: Venue profile.

Within “Venue” profile > “Edit” ✏️ we’ll be able to see and manage general aspects of our venue, such as description, language, currency, availability (date and time), location, panel customization tools such, etc.

Step 2: Creating Products 🍔 🍕🥤

Inside the “Products” section, we’ll be able to load our products manually, detailing price, description and images that will be displayed on our menu.

Products are organized and  displayed as follows:

First of all you need to select the product category, then the sub-category in which the products will be loaded. For more information about each item’s edition, please refer to the following article: Productos

Step 3: Access points.

The “access points” are the means used by the user to access the menu. These may be a link, a QR code at a table center and more. It’s possible to create different types of blueprints depending on how we wish to use Waitry (with Access Points located at the tables, delivery mode, and so on). If you want to know more about the blueprint types, please refer to Blueprint Types  

In order to set up the access points of your venue, you have to go to “Start” -> Access Points -> Set Up.

Credit card / debit payments: Besides setting up the access points, if you wish to take debit and credit card payments, the easiest way to do it is linking your Stripe account with your Waitry account. In order to do so, follow the steps listed here Set up paymet methods  

Step 4: Kitchen View.

“Kitchen View” is a way of following the orders through different steps. This tool allows you to create and save pre-defined filters/tags that can be easily reused. For example, you can set up the filters which will allow you to see only the commands from the low level of the venue that include “Drinks” in them. More information about the Kitchen: Kitchen

In order to set up the kitchen, go to the “Kitchen” tab in the menu

Step 5: Live

Inside the “Live” panel, you can see and edit the state of all the orders which are currently being prepared. You’ll be able to see the information of every single order (the order itself, payment method, etc) and send a notification to the user with a custom message that will be sent to the device used to create the order (i.e. the customer’s Smartphone)

Step 6: Order Steps

The Order Steps can be set up from the tab “Access Points” > “Order Steps”. There you’ll be able to set up the steps that each order will go through, along with a custom message that will be sent to the user when the order reaches that particular step.

Step 7: Publish your venue😏

Once everything is correctly set up, we can publish our Venue for it to be displayed on Waitry. You can do that from the “Venue editor” that we previously visited.

Step 8: Use it!

Thats it! We have finished setting up Waitry and now we’re ready to take online orders.


In order to run tests, you should go to a QR Code inside the “Access Points” tab we previously visited. You can scan the code using a QR code reader on your smartphone or access through the following website: Replacing “PIN” with our QR code PIN. This way you’ll be able to see your menu and run tests.

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