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Upload Menu Images

Waitry allowes you to add an image to each Category, Subcategory and Product, in order to improve the user experience. Data has shown that customers tend to engage more with menus that have more images, which translates to more sales.

How to add images

It is possible to add 2 images to each Category, Subcategory and Product: A circular one that will be displayed on the listings inside of the app, and a rectangular image that will be displayed in full size wherever needed. It’s crucial to add the rectangular image, and we recommend that you add the circular image too, but if you don’t it will be replaced by your venue’s logo.

Images will be cropped to the required size when you’re uploading them, inside Waitry’s platform, so you don’t need to worry about cropping them before.

Adding images

Go to the “Products” tab on the side menu. The listing of existing subcategories will show on the left side of the screen.
Select the subcategory you want to edit. On the right side a box will appear with the image, title, description and actions to take
Press the “edit image” icon. A window will open displaying two tabs: One of the tabs will be used to load de Logo image, and the other tab will be used to load the BANNER image.

Press the “Load Profile Image” button. Search for the image in your computer using the window that just opened.
Once the image is selected, a circular cropping guide will be displayed. This will allow you to select the section of the image to be shown.
After cropping the image, press SAVE
The same procedure will apply to the BANNER image (second tab), but the cropping will be rectangular instead of circular:

Follow the same steps to add images to Categories, Subcategories or Products, always from the Edit Images icon in each of the levels.


We recommend exporting the LOGO images as a square image (which will be displayed as circle images) and the BANNER images as a rectangle, this will decrease the chances of making a mistake when cropping the images.

To improve the experience and avoid mistakes, we recommend using the following image size guide:

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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