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It's time to show off: Let's load your Digital Menu in Waitry! πŸ˜„ We'll tell you how to do this setup and create the products you'll have for sale:

The Digital Menu in Waitry is organized in 3 levels that will allow your customers to quickly find what they want:

Subcategories, within each category
Products, within each sub-category

For example, if your venue sells pizzas πŸ• a possible organization could be as follows:

Category: PIZZAS
Subcategories: VEGAN PIZZAS.

Within each of the levels, you could indicate:

Title: main name of the category, subcategory, product, etc.
Description: information about the content of the category, subcategory or product.
Language: you will be able to add translations for foreign customers 😎 * Position: the display order within the category, subcategory or product
Position: the order of display within the menu

IMPORTANT: If you have Waitry integrated with your management system, the titles and products you modify will not be overwritten. This way you will be able to keep the names you use there and in Waitry use others that facilitate the sale and choice of your customersπŸ˜‰.

Let's see in detail how to do the manual upload of your Menu. Note, that you also have the possibility to do this through a file. If you want more information on how to do it, you can click here


Go to PRODUCTS in the side menu
Select the Category you want to edit or click on ADD CATEGORY.
Go to EDIT pencil ✏️In the GENERAL tab you will be able to indicate title, description and position in the Menu.

To add the SUBCATEGORIES, the steps are the same, you will have there to click on the βž• icon inside the chosen category and in the EDIT pencil ✏️ you will be able to load the information in the same way as for the categories

Next to the EDIT ✏️ icon you have the IMAGE icon that will allow you to upload a banner to your categories and subcategories.
Inside the EDIT ✏️ icon you also have the AVAILABILITY tab where you can indicate if that category or subcategory will be available at a specific time or service.
Also in EDIT ✏️ you will find the IDIOMS tab to add translations.


Go to PRODUCTS in the side menu.
Select the subcategory where you want to add a product and click on the icon βž• to add a new one.
If what you want is to edit an existing product, inside ACTIONS (three dashes icon) you will find the EDIT pencil ✏️ to be able to load the information of that product.

After we have loaded our Digital Menu, we will have the possibility to see the preview. At the top right we will find 3 buttons. One of them will say SEE MENU.

This button will take us to the web version of our site. Where we will be able to preview our menu:

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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