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Take Away Guide

In this article we’ll teach you how to use Take Away with Waitry!

Step 1

In order to set up Take Away, we must go to the Services view, using the top right gear icon.

Step 2

This is our default Take Away Service, on the top right you will find different options that can be applied to our service:

Print QR
Consultation page access QR

The most important of all the buttons is “EDIT”. when selecting it a tab will be displayed where we can configure all aspects of the service, from the name to the business hours, and the means of payment of the service.

IMPORTANT: You can set up postdated orders (allowing pre-orders for other days)

Step 3

In order to place a Take Away order, we can access the link provided from the Home Panel.

We will be able to configure this link in our social networks and in the purchase buttons so that our guests can enter to ask for Take Away, if you want to know how, please refer to the following link:

Set up Links

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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