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Delivery services: How do I integrate Waitry with Treggo?

At Waitry we automate the delivery of your orders, with the best delivery companies. In this guide, we're going to show you how to integrate our platform with a Treggo account Let's get started! 🚀

If you have a premium plan with us and you are interested in incorporating this functionality, don't hesitate to write to our support chat 😉

First you need to create an account on Treggo. Waitry will ask you for your Customer ID (the email address you have associated with your Treggo account) and PASSWORD / SECRET KEY. You can get this in the MY PROFILE section of Treggo, in the "List of integrations" tab you will find a button showing "CREATE NEW API KEY". You will press there.

After displaying our API KEY, we will log into Waitry and you will enter the configuration wheel ⚙️ next to the venue name and press the Connect Delivery 🏍️ button.

You will need to select TREGGO from the available options and enable it.

Then you must enter your CUSTOMER ID and PASSWORD / SECRET KEY.
NOTE: Remember that your Client ID is the email you associated with your Treggo account.

Once the information is loaded, click on SAVE and that's it! You have now connected Treggo with your Waitry account 😄

Updated on: 08/08/2022

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