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QR Pay on Table

Did you know that you can generate a table payment QR for your diner to scan and pay directly?

We will simply learn how to do it 😉 

NOTE: This payment QR can only be done if orders are placed by waiters at Hosteltáctil, Revo or Lightspeed POS.

Your waiter can take the order for the customer through one of the above mentioned POS. By having the external system synchronized, the order will be sent to Waitry where, inside the order, it will show a QR option.

If we press this option the QR will appear for your guest to pay the order. You can give him/her the PIN code or the QR code to scan it in our app.

This code will direct us to the order confirmation where the customer can pay in the way he/she prefers.

Once the customer has successfully paid the order, the order will appear in our panel as PAID: YES.

That's it! Your customer has paid for the order in a very simple way 😉

Now you can enable if you want to use this option. To do this, just go to the "Connect POS" section.

Within each POS (Hosteltáctil, Revo or Ligthspeed) you have an option to check that indicates "Use payment on table ".

Note II: If this option is checked, every time someone makes a chekin at a table, the order will be searched in the POS (that we have integrated). It works whether an order is added in Waitry, Hosteltáctil, Revo or Ligthspeed. Any payment QR/PIN must be read in the app to enter directly to pay the order.

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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