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How to add a purchase link on my website?

How to add your orders to your web.

Currently there is a web mode prepared for PC / Tablet / smartphones, in addition to the native app. They integrate as follows:

Iframe or link on the web
Tab with iframe on Facebook
QR code and short Url on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter (customers don’t need to have the app installed, but it will work best if they do)

To install it, use the url considering that PIN is the access point code inside of a layout. This PIN can be obtained going to the Venue Setup tab, and then clicking on each access point icon. It also shows on the homepage if you offer deliver or take away.

Assuming your PIN is 33P95, all of the following are valid:

Full Screen Link directing to
iframe directing to
Using the following QR code, PIN and Url on social media posts:
PIN: 33P95
Putting together a facebook page tab with an iframe directed to

Waitry will adapt to the iframe or screen size of whatever platform the url is inserted, and your customers will be able to place their order just as they would do if they were using a smartphone.

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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