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How to create your Stripe account and give access to Waitry

How to create your Stripe account step by step

Go to the official Stripe website
Click on the **Start Now** button, or select **Login** → in the upper left menu and click on the text **Create an account**.
Fill your data in the **form** (email address, full name, secure password), click the reCAPTCHA to confirm that you are not a robot and then click on the **Create your Stripe Account** button
At this point you will get a **confirmation e-mail**. Follow the instructions to validate your e-mail and get access to your new Stripe account.
Now access your Home panel in Stripe.
To finish activating your account you will need to enter your **personal or company information**. To do this, click on the **Start** button that appears in A_**ctivate your Stripe account**_ or on the **Activate your accoun**t tab on the left side menu.

Information that Stripes requires to activate your account.

Country where you reside.
Information about your venue (you can indicate that you wish to sell in Waitry, including Waitry’s website)
Taxing information.
Personal information.
Information that appears on the credit card statement of your clients: Don’t worry about this, we’ll do it for you.
Bank details to receive payments
Choice of two-step authentication (for added security)

Shortly after submitting the request, your account will be active and you will be able to connect it in Waitry.

How to connect your Stripe account on Waitry

Access the “Venues” module
On the lower right part of the venue to be configured, press the “Manage Venue” button.
Click on the “PAYMENT” button located on the top right.
Enable the Stripe option
Press the “CONNECT” button, confirming that your browser supports popups  (Google ChromeMicrosoft EdgeMozilla Firefox)
An authorization window will open in which you must access Stripe and accept the permissions requested by Waitry.
Press “Save” and you will have your account configured ready to receive payments.

Updated on: 25/08/2022

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