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Types of Services

Understand how Waitry's blueprint types work!

What are floor plans?
Floorplans are the different locations/sectors of your venue in which Waitry operates, laid out in our App.
Within our venue configuration, we will be able to see that we have different floor plan options. The type of floor plan we will use will depend on our mode of service.

Fixed Access Points and Multi-user Fixed Access Points:
They are generally used for table service, in restaurant format, where the order is left open and the waiter or runner reaches the order and charges at the end of the service.

Orders without fixed access points:
It is for when counter sales are made. It is ideal when ordering in places without numbered tables, the customer pays and goes to pick up the order.

Take Away and Delivery:
They are for off-premise orders. One is when the customer picks up the order and the other is when the store delivers the order to the customer's home. In this type of plan, the codes are unique and there will not be more than one user per order.


This function is for both the waiter and the customer. From here the waiter will be able to take the orders of the table or the device can be given to the customer to place the order. To have this service available we leave you an article detailing the configuration of the KIOSKO/TABLET mode:

Room Service:

It is used for hotels/hotels that have this service. From here you will be able to visualize the menu and you will be able to order what is on the menu for the room.


Here the user can order items that the hotel makes available to the customer for use in personal hygiene. These would be towels, comb, toothbrushes, soaps and gels, makeup removers or shower caps, among others.

Digital menu: Digital menu

This option is available only to view the menu outside the opening hours of the store.

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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