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How to customize the messages of the order steps?

At Waitry we offer you the possibility to determine different messages for your customers, according to the status of their order .

This way, you will keep your customer informed at every step of their order

How to set up notification messages

Log in to Waitry with your username and password.
Click on the wheel icon ⚙️ corresponding to settings, in the right corner of your screen.
Click on the SET STEPS button.
There you will find a text field for each step and you will be able to include the desired message. Personalize them as you wish!

You can enable and disable the steps that you want to keep or avoid as part of the logical process

Press Save and you’re done!

If you wish, you can also configure the notification messages that are sent to the user at each step.

Updated on: 11/04/2023

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