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Points system

In Waitry, you can reward your customers for each of their purchases, through a system of accumulative points 😉 The more purchases, the more points that can be redeemed for prizes. This will allow you to keep customers coming back and buying from your business.

How to implement it? In this guide we will tell you the step-by-step instructions so that you can count on this sales and fidealization resource.

First of all, you must add the points to each product you want > You must go to the product edition, in the "general" tab > POINTS.

We will go to the tab of LOYALTY and select "Redeemable products". Inside we will press "New".

Create the product to redeem:

- Choose the product
- Enter the points that the customer must have in order to issue the redemption.
- Select the dates "from" and "to".

Press Save and you will have your product configured.

We will make a test order to see how the amount of points for each product is displayed.

The customer can also know the amount of points he/she has accumulated. This can be checked in the side section of the Waitry app. Inside the 3 horizontal stripes, in the "My Points" section.

There we will be able to see the amount of points we have to redeem products from the store. If we reach an amount of points that allows the redemption, we select "See my benefits" > It will show us the benefits of the business and if we select it we will be able to redeem the product.

In order to make the redemption request effective, we must go to the "Loyalty" (Marketing) tab and the products to be redeemed will appear. We must confirm it.

That's it! The app will appear as follows so that the customer knows that he/she can collect the redemption 🤩 !

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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