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Connect Instagram & Facebook to Waitry: Order Food Button

If you want to connect your social networks to Waitry, so that your customers are just one click away from the Digital Menu and place orders, you can access with your username and password to our platform and easily set it up from there.
Let's get started!

1) Click on the configuration wheel icon ⚙️ next to the name of your location.

2) There you will find the option BUY BUTTONS.
You will be able to determine which service and which premises you want to connect to your networks. Select from the available options and press CONNECT. This will take you directly to enter your Facebook credentials.

3) In the next step, you will be able to configure both social networks from the same panel. Select the option you wish to link and click continue.

Once the accounts are connected, you are ready to sell through your networks!

Also, if you prefer, you can make the configuration directly from your Facebook Business Suite account:

1) Login to Facebook Business Suite and click on MORE BUSINESS SETTINGS.

2) There go to BUSINESS APPS !

3) Inside the panel, in the MORE option you will find FOOD ORDERING !

4) In the available partners, select WAITRY

5) Once this action is done, click on CONNECT !

6) You will need to accept the permissions and enter your username and password to WAITRY

7) Please note that you must have an advertising account to finish the configuration.

To perform the configuration of the order food button directly from the Instagram account, follow the steps below :




4) Choose WAITRY from the available partners and log in. Then click CONTINUE to proceed with the confirmation

Note: Please note that you must have an associated advertising account to complete settings

Updated on: 21/09/2022

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