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Delivery: Allow your customers to order at home through your digital menu!

Don't be left out and offer the Delivery🚴🏻 service. We assure you that you will have many more sales possibilities!

At Waitry we give you the opportunity for your customers to see your Digital Menu and place their order at home. You will be able to indicate differentiated prices according to the zones and much more. We will explain the basic settings of this service:

First, you must access the configuration icon ⚙️ inside LOCALS or at the top right of your screen. This access is one of the most important in Waitry: From there you will determine what kind of services you are going to offer with your digital menu!
Once you have selected the DELIVERY service, you will see a map with an access point. We call access point, each QR / PIN / Link that will allow your customers to access your menu. You can print this code and distribute it as you wish.

IMPORTANT: If you want your customers to access through a link to the digital Menu of this service, you can look for it in the Waitry home panel, at the bottom of your screen.

Let's go now to the EDIT pencil ✏️ From there, you will have the possibility to configure this service according to your needs.

Within the GENERAL tab you will be able to, among other things, enable/disable the following options:

Show survey to the user: Possibility for your customer to leave his rating of the service (See review guide).
Allow the user to schedule the order timetable.


See guide Set the payment methods for Delivery


You will be able to restrict the distance (indicating meters) from where you want to check in / order to be placed.

In the AVAILABILITY tab you will be able to enable or disable the following:

Always show the menu in this service even if the store is closed. Important: we recommend keeping this option enabled so that customers can enter before opening hours or service hours and schedule the order.
Ignore menu schedule in this service and show the products.
Availability: If you uncheck the option AVAILABLE EVERY DAY AT ALL TIMES you will be able to configure specific days and times for Delivery.

Finally, you will have one of the most important options: the DELIVERY ZONE tab.

There you will be able to configure, by marking on the Google Maps map, the specific zones and the amount to be charged in each one. Please note the following:

- To add a zone, click on the** ADD ZONE** button.
- Then select the shape and draw with the mouse the delivery zone inside the map.
- Once you assign a price to that zone, click on the green check mark ✅ and it will change to a PEN ✏️
- When finished, don't forget to click SAVE .
- To edit an already created zone, press PENCIL ✏️ again and draw the new zone.

Start selling for Delivery right now! Don't miss out on this sales opportunity

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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