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Set up Waitry on Kiosk mode

Steps to set up a tablet or cell phone with Waitry on kiosk mode:

If you want to set the tablet as a totem, make sure you have a Kiosk type plan in the Waitry Control Panel  .
Download Waitry for Android or iOS from the App store of the tablet that you will use as a kiosk.
Open Waitry and log in with an Administrator type user.

Waitry will ask you if you want to configure that device as a fixed access point, answer yes. Otherwise you can do it from the side menu >> Settings >> Administrator Options >> Setup

Select the sector to which that device will initially belong and then an access point (you can change it as many times as necessary)

Tap accept and Waitry will already be configured as Kiosk mode.

Next steps

We recommend that you set up the tablet so that only the Waitry app is the only thing that can be used.

Single App mode on Android
Single app mode on iOS

Using Kiosk Mode for Waiters

Once the kiosk mode is set up, the “new order” screen will appear. You can hand the device to your customers to select the products from the menu and place the order.

Your waiters can also take the order from this screen, in the same way that the customer does. Once you submit your order, you can go to the home screen and switch tables. To do so, select the icon with the two arrows located below, on the start order screen. The app will ask for the password of the Administrator user or a PIN. This PIN is the operator code that can be configured for each user from the web administrator, in the Users section.

Then, you can change sectors and access points (table) and start a new order for other customers.

If you want to resume an order, you can go back to the previous table following the same procedure, resume the order and add new products.

Updated on: 24/02/2022

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