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Our Kitchen View allows you to create and save predefined filters that can be easily used multiple times.

Our Kitchen view is a digital commander that will replace the old ones by using screens all over our kitchen/venue. These screens will display every order as a command, allowing you to take different actions: move forward to the next step of the order, mark as urgent, etc.

It also allows you to create and save predefined filters that can be used over and over in a simple way, as well as filtering by order steps, sectors of our venue, etc.

We will use the example of a drinks bar on the ground floor of a restaurant.

Most likely the bartender would want to see only the orders belonging to the ground floor that include drinks. Since you need to prepare them, you want to see the “Pending”, “Accepted” and “In Preparation” statuses.

To create the filter:

Go to the Kitchen tab
Press “Filters”
Press “New Filter”
We fill in the “Name” blank with “Ground floor”, and choose states, sectors and related products.

To use the filter:

Go to the Kitchen tab
Press on the Filter selector
Choose your new filter “Outside bar”


We can group orders that are from the same table but from different diners:

We will go to the KITCHEN tab where all our orders are found. To create a specific filter where the orders are grouped, we will position ourselves in the upper right corner in the three horizontal lines.

Here, we will add a new filter with the following modifications:

NOTE: The states will be modified to suit the user, as well as the services and products.

The next image will show three orders from the same table:

When we continue to advance the order, it will be seen how the orders of the same table are grouped, but different diners:

In this way, we will be able to link the different orders that are made at the same table regardless of whether the users are different.

Another quite useful item is to mark as urgent the order:

To carry out this tip we will position ourselves again in the KITCHEN commands. Orders that need to go out urgently can be "marked as urgent" or given priority. Both will be first on our list of commands.
With the 3 vertical points that are in our order, we select «mark as urgent».

In this way, above our orders from the same table, a red flag will be seen and it will put the orders ahead of all the orders that are not urgent.

In the same way as the 3 vertical dots, we will increase the priority. This is staggered, since depending on the priority of each request, it can be given priority 1, 2, 3, etc. 1 is the lowest priority, the one with the least urgency to exit. In the image it will be seen how priority 2 has more precedence than the other commands that have priority 1.

We can also choose the colors and counters of these filters to be able to differentiate the orders in their different states:

For this we will create different filters for the different states of the order with its external code. After having completed the aforementioned, we will find an option where it provides us with the colors and counters of the orders depending on their status.

For this to be enabled and both the colors and the counters can be seen, the external code of the product must be entered, so the order identifies which product to separate.

Once the filter is saved, the orders should appear with the different colors and a tab of the counter that we have configured:

Ready! In this way you can configure and set custom KDS filters for your kitchen.

Updated on: 25/08/2022

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