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Self-service totem

Do you have a Kiosk/Totem in your store and want to set it up for your customers to self-order? We are going to configure the device from scratch, for that you will need to login to the Waitry app and start your session with an email administrator.

Steps to configure the Totem device with Waitry in Kiosk mode:

Open Waitry and log in with an Administrator level user.
When logging in Waitry may ask you if you want to configure that device as a fixed access point, answer no to this 🙂 *3.
Go to the side menu (the 3 horizontal stripes) and click on SETTINGS.

Here you have to select ADMIN OPTIONS which will lead to two options:
Static access point:* This option is used to configure the device (tablet or mobile) and enter the orders as a waiter.
Kiosk:* This option is designed for full HD screens for your customers to enter orders. Select the Configure option.

Inside the "Kiosk" section you will select your store.
Configure the service type, it will be "Kiosk". (Remember to have a "Kiosk" type service in your premises previously created).
Select the access point and save.

Here you can start placing an order by choosing the different products offered by your store.

Add the products you want and go to Confirm Order.
Depending on the configuration you have to pay (Pay at checkout and/or Online payment) choose the most suitable for you. In this case we will go to "Pay at checkout".

13. Done! Your order has been successfully confirmed.

Updated on: 10/04/2023

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