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How to manage the Orders Screen?

Learn how to enter, configure and display the order screen to let your customers know the status of their order in real time.

To access the tool, first go to the ORDERS menu on the left panel. Once there, drop down the options on the left, and choose ORDERS SCREEN.

In this window we will find the following options:


It allows to visualize the browser in full screen.


Allows us to edit the graf at the bottom of the page, to display a message to our customers.


We can upload a logo for the order screen. If we do not load any, the logo of the store will be shown. This option modifies only the logo on this screen.


Filter to show the orders of one or more services on screen. If we select Any, it will show the orders of all services.

In the IN PROCESS column, we will see the orders that are being prepared.

When it is time for delivery, the order will move to the READY column.

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Updated on: 22/02/2023

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