By having your own app powered by Waitry, you’ll have access not only to complete graphic customization tools, but also at the features level. With this guide you will be able to know all the aspects that you can configure.

General Aspects #

Name of the app
Specify full color or monochromatic logo
Specify loader image
Specify main background image
Specify horizontal menu background
Specify default user icon
Edit almost any text within the app

Tutorial #

Using or not the tutorial when first opening the app
Show or hide each of the tutorial steps
Customization of texts and icons for each step of the tutorial

Login #

Login modes #

Enable or disable Facebook Login
Enable or disable Google Login
Enable or disable Manual user registration

Home screen #

Auto check-in #

Activate self check-in by geolocalization
Self check-in detection radius in meters

Nearby venues #

Search distance limit for nearby venues

Buttons #

Enable or disable QR access
Enable or disable PIN access
Enable or disable direct access to benefits wallet

Customization #

Specify access background
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