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Own App graphic customization

If you belong to a franchise and own a white label Powered by Waitry app development, there are several aspects of the app that you will be able to customize to fit your branding.

In this article we will discuss graphic customization.

Graphic Assets


It is the screen that is shown when the application is opened, while it is loading the resources. With the same image, splashscreens are generated for all kinds of device.

The layout must be 2732x2732px in size with a 1200x1200px safe area, centered in a document. We recommend that all the splashscreens have a solid-color background (or some representative background image) and in the safe area, place your company logo.

The file must be in PNG format without transparency.

Download our example files:

Template PSD
Template AI


Your app’s icon must be a 1024x1024px PNG format file. Android supports transparencys, although on iOS it must be solid, since it is iOS who then gives it the rounded border shape to it.

Download our example files:


Template PSD
Template AI


Template PSD
Template AI

Branding application

Color palette

You can indicate the 3 main colors of your color palette, background color and typography. You can also choose between an application in dark mode or light mode as shown in the following image:


Although we recommend not modifying the default font. You can choose any font you want as long as it is free to use or you have the corresponding license.

Loading image

It is an image to display while the content is loading (uploader), preferably SVG or 200x200px transparent PNG. It could be the logo of the venue or something that represents it, such as a pint of beer, a shopping bag, etc.

Login screen background image

You can choose a background image for the access screen (Login) or a solid color. It must have the same specs as the Splashscreen image. Here are some examples of what it will look like:

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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