Set up Menu Schedule

In some cases it is necessary for a menu to be visible only during certain days and times. The most common cases are lunch menus, evening menus and alcoholic beverages.

Waitry allows you to configure the days and times when you want each of the menus of your establishment to be available.

You can configure the availability of your menus from the Products → Your menu → Edit module. To do so:

Log in to the Waitry control panel with your username and password
Go to Products
Click the Edit button (pencil) in the Menu that you want to set up.

Click on the Availability tab.

Disable the “Available every day at any time” option.

The days of the week will be displayed

Enable the days you want your menu to show available on

Enter the time frame during which you want it to be available each day, in 24-hour format.

Press Save and that’s it!

Finally, keep in mind: for changes to be applied in Waitry, you must start a new order or refresh the menu by going to “View Menu” and dragging the screen down until it begins to refresh (Pull to refresh).

Updated on: 11/07/2022

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