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How to import products?

We offer you a quick alternative so you can upload your Digital Menu in Waitry Upload an excel file with the details of all your products!

To get started, you will need to download the Excel template we provide. To do this, go to the side menu to PRODUCTS and on the top right hand side of your screen, click on the IMPORT option.

There you will have to select DOWN PRODUCT MODEL.

Once downloaded, we will complete with the information of our products the corresponding rows and columns.

It is necessary not to leave any blank space, both for columns and rows. If there is no data, it must be deleted.
If the menu is to have EXTRAS these are added as a category and each extra is listed as a product.

Once the changes have been saved, they should be uploaded in Waitry by clicking on UPLOAD FILE FROM MY COMPUTER. Note that the upload may take a few minutes.

Done! Once the upload is done, don't forget to complete your menu with the best photos to make your products stand out 😎

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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