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Bookings Management

In Waitry you will be able to start managing the table reservations for your venue. Let's get started!

In order to access the reservation management we will position ourselves in the sidebar, in the BOOKINGS section.

Once opened the section of BOOKINGS we will go to ADD.

When we open the new screen we will be able to enter an existing customer or a new customer. For an existing customer, we will enter the email in the field that says "Enter email, phone or department ". If it finds the customer, it will bring the most relevant data (email, name and surname). If it does not find it, we will load it as a new customer with all the requested data.

We fill in all the fields.

Save the changes.

When saving and confirming the reservation we will be able to visualize the loaded table.

On the right side we can find "3 points in vertical". If we select it, different options will appear: Details, Edit, Cancel, Delete.


For the user who has booked a table in your local can see the reservation generated:

In the app, go to the "3 horizontal stripes" in the upper left corner. When the side options open, select "MY BOOKINGS ".

Selecting this option will direct us to the reservations we have made with our Waitry account:

Within the same option that appears, if we select, we will see the complete details of the reservation.

That's it! You have learned how to generate a reservation in your local.

We can also generate a reservation through the web site that you have contracted with Waitry.

To do this we will go to our website, in this site will show a booking window with calendar selection, schedule and number of people. There you can add comments, if you wish.

Once we have completed all the fields, we will be asked to confirm the reservation. To do this, we can upload the data of the person who made the reservation.

Finally, if we have completed the previous fields, the system will send an email to the person who requested the reservation. Confirming the following steps will make the reservation effective.

Updated on: 10/04/2023

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