Basic configurations of your business

Do you want to start selling right now with a digital menu and give your customers a new shopping experience? Let's start with the first configurations that will lead you to digitize your business! Little by little, you will discover the amount of tools and functionalities that we have developed for you.

Let's start with the essentials for this new beginning Let's load your store data! 🤩

1) Go to PLACES in the side menu.

2) You will see there four icons that will be very important:

The pencil icon ✏️ will allow you to access the screen to complete the basic data of your premises. The more data you have loaded, the more attractive the presentation of your business will be to your customers!

Pay special attention to:


Have your tax number and contact information correctly uploaded (essential to sell online and validate your account).

Write an attractive description for your business. Get inspired and tell your customers what makes your business so special!

We want your store to stand out, that's why we give you many options to customize your business to your liking. We know that those little things make your brand stronger and differentiate you from the rest. For example, in this tab, at the bottom, you can configure the color palette with which your digital menu will be displayed. We assure you that every detail adds up 🙂

IMPORTANT! When you are done with the configurations we will see below, go back to this panel and change in GENERAL > VISIBILITY the status from CULT/NOT LISTED to PUBLIC. This way, you will already be in Waitry visible and your customers will be able to find you together with the rest of the published stores.


Inform the opening and closing hours of your store. You have the possibility to indicate that you are available every day at any time or set specific days and times.


Enter the address of your location correctly in Google Maps (When you start using our service, everyone will want to find you😉)


Do you want to offer your menu in different languages? With Waitry you can do it and it's very easy to set up! Take advantage of this option, don't let the language limit you to sell 😄


Don't forget to share to your customers all the social networks linked to your business!

Did you know that we are an official META partner? You can now set up a direct button to your menu from your Instagram and Facebook account! If you want to know more, we suggest you click here and we'll tell you more about it.


From here we offer you the possibility to connect Waitry with your Google Tag Manager account and track your Marketing campaigns.

Now, let's add a logo and a banner to your site, click here!

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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