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How to create promotions and coupons?

Take advantage of the opportunity to create promotions and capture the attention of your customers! We assure you that it will help you boost your sales πŸ˜‰.

To create promotions and coupons in Waitry, first of all, you must enter the left side menu and click on PROMOTIONS.

Step 2:

Once in this tab, in the upper right corner click on "New promotion".

Next, a window with different tabs will be displayed, where we must fill in the data of our promotion. In the "General" tab we can define a name, a description, a language, dates of validity for the promotion and a discount in percentage that we can apply, limit of uses, etc.

Note: The field limit of use per user defines the number of times the same user can use the discount coupon.

You can also define, in case the promotion is a 2Γ—1, limit the number of times of use (for example, define that the promotion is applicable only 10 times); enable or disable the promotion and mark it as public. A public promotion allows it to be seen in the Waitry menu and app for any user that enters the store.

In the case that the promotion is not public, it can be applied using the PIN or by scanning the QR code that has been created in that promotion. Both the PIN/QR must be shared to users externally.

In the second tab, Scope, you can choose which products are going to be reached by the promotion, to which ones it is going to be applied. If nothing is selected, it will be applied to the entire menu loaded and enabled.

In the Availability tab you can define specific times and days and types of services (for example, that it is a promotion applicable only for Take Away or Delivery).

In the following example, the promotion is only available on Fridays and Saturdays for orders placed by Delivery and/or Take Away.

Now that we are done with the creation of our promotion, we need to define translations and terms and conditions.

Save and use! We now have our promotion ready to be used and enjoyed by our diners.


We always recommend uploading photos to the promotion to improve the user experience and maintain the aesthetics of our menu πŸ˜‰

How to generate exclusive discount coupons .

After making the settings within the promotion and limiting the number of uses, you can generate the coupons by clicking on the following option

By clicking on generate codes, the number of coupons previously established in the options within the promotion will be created.

From here you will be able to visualize the exclusive discount codes, with its promo code, if it is active, used, which user was the one who used the code, order number and date of use. 
Also from the view option, you will be able to disable a code and if you wish from the download button, export the list of coupons.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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