In this guide we will learn how to create a variation and apply it to our product.

What is a variation? A variation is a listing of options, add-ons or modifiers that can be applied to a product, from which the user will be choosing to customise an order. If the customer can choose the size of the order, that would be a size variation.

Before we start, let’s refresh how products work.


Step 1: Create variations. #

In order to create variations, we must go to the “Products” section and then select “Variations”.

Inside the Variations tab, select the variation type. For example, create an “Add-on” variation of the sum type, which means that the price of the add-on will be added to the price of the product. Once the variation type is created, we bust create the items that will include that variation.

Step 2: Apply variations to our products. #

Once the variation is created, we must go to “Products”, and assign the previously created variation to the desired products. It’s possible to assign a price to each add-on, which will be added to the price of the product.

Done! Now we know how to create variations and assign them to products. There are many types of variations (size, taste, etc) we only need to decide which one fits our product 😉 #
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