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Tips for Delivery and Take Away

The following recommended Delivery and Take Away configurations are based on the experience of our clients.

Order Timeframes If you’re only taking Deliver/Take Away orders in a restricted time frame, we recommend keeping the “user picks delivery time” option enabled. By doing so, customers will be able to place an order even outside business hours, programming the delivery time within the timeframe in which delivery is available. This will widen your selling hours, and help on the service organization.

This option can be found in the “Blueprint edit” tab, on the right side

Always show the menu Another option that should be enabled for Delivery and Take Away, alongside the above mentioned, is “Always show menu, even when the venue is closed”. This will allow customers to view the menu and program an order, even when the venue is closed.

This option can be found at “Blueprint editor”, AVAILABILITY tab:

Hide Visitors Inside the order view, all of your customer’s orders are displayed, but also the ones which are currently being placed. If you don’t want to see the orders of the clients which came in but did not finish ordering yet, you can hide them by using the option “Only solicited”. That way only confirmed orders will be displayed. This option can be found on the side menu of the order view:

Service Delay

It is possible to establish a service delay for each blueprint. For example 30 minutes. This way, when customers place an order the delay will be automatically added to the delivery waiting time. IE: If a customer comes in at 8 pm and the service delay time is 30 minutes, the first delivery time available will be 8.30pm. This option is located on the side menu of the order view:

Digitalization of kitchen commands

Although the entire staff can see the Order view that organizes all the orders according to the programmed schedule, if you hire one of our payed plans, you’ll also get the Kitchen view that shows orders as commands. You will find this very useful if you want to digitalize your venue’s kitchen and forget about paper printers.

More tips to help you improve your experience based on our clients’ experience coming soon.

Updated on: 21/02/2022

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