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Queue functionality: Keep a digital record of waiting outside your store

In this article we will learn how to use the queue to enter our store.

The Queue module is used so that diners don't have to physically stand in line waiting to enter our store!

The first thing to do is to enter the Queue module in the side menu.

Once inside we must consult the QR list of our local. This will be the QR code that the diner will use to get on the waiting list to enter our store.

When the diner has used the QR code, it will ask if he/she is accompanied, asking the number of companions and that's it! He/she will be placed on the waiting list and we will be shown as follows:

As we can see, we have the possibility to send a notification to the user through the bell button or, also, we can send a Whatsapp message to confirm that your table is ready. We can assign tables when they are available, add notes within the reservation, confirm that the person did not show up or remove from the list.

We will also have the possibility to make an advanced configuration for the queue. In the upper right corner we will go to the 3 vertical dots and choose "Configure Queue ".

There we will be able to:

Enable/Disable the visibility of the people in the queue.
Restrict the location so that they cannot reserve a table outside a selected radius.
Available sectors in which you can make a table reservation
You can add several options such as, for example, "Reduced mobility" or "Baby seat".

Even within the 3 points vertically you can visualize the reports of the rows where you can visualize:

Percentage of users who were assigned a table.
Percentage of users who canceled their wait
Percentage of users who did not show up * Percentage of users that did not show up
Average waiting time
In addition, you can visualize the data entered by the client and the detail of each reservation.

Also, in the general panel of Row you will see:

Max. positions: Max. row registration > This will limit up to a certain amount of reservations. For example, if you only allow 10 reservations, you can limit it from there.
Waiting time:__ Waiting time until a table is released.
Unassigned:__ You can enable the "Unassigned " option in case you want to display the diners that have not been assigned a table.
Filter diners older than:__ You have the possibility to filter by the number of people who have registered. That is to say, if you have a free table of 6 people, you can filter those who have registered 6 users.

Updated on: 28/11/2022

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