In this article we will learn how to use the queue to enter our store

The Queue module is used so that diners don't have to physically stand in line waiting to enter our store!

The first thing to do is to enter the QUEUE module in the side menu.

Once inside we must consult the QR list of our local. This will be the QR code that the diner will use to get on the waiting list to enter our store.

When the diner has used the QR code, it will ask if he/she is accompanied, asking the number of companions and that's it! He/she will be placed on the waiting list and we will be shown as follows:

As we can see, we have the possibility to send a notification to the user through the bell button or, also, we can send a Whatsapp message to confirm that your table is ready. We can assign tables when they are available, as well as know how long the diner has been waiting, etc.

Done! We already know how to use the QUEUE module .
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