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Comments on Printer Settings

When editing a Product, in the Printers tab, you can select which printer will be used to print the product. If a printer isn’t configured, the product will be printed by the default printer (Bar).

In the Configuration tab you’ll find the previously set up printers. Do not change their names, they are configured in a specific name and changing it will cause configuration issues.

If the kitchen view is open, the prints will appear on their own every time an order arrives. From this view, the products are distributed to each printer.

If for some reason the printing did not come out, right there in the kitchen view, you can press on the three dots to send to print manually.

In the “Orders” view, you can also send to print manually (by pressing the printer button in the order detail), but in this view everything will appear through the default printer (Bar).

On the Desktop there is a direct access to the printing service. It’s called “WaitryPrinter”. If somehow the service is closed, it can be enabled it from there. However, it is set to open only when Windows starts.

Finally, in the “favorites” option of the browser, you should allow access to see the printing service. If for some reason it doesn’t print, check if you can access that option.

Updated on: 06/11/2021

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